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#1 2006-07-06 02:49:15


Sequencer stuck playing... wtf?

This happen to anyone else?  It won't stop playing.  Just keeps on
cycling...  I can move my joystick cursor around.  But 'clicking' on
things don't seem to have any effect.  I guess this wouldn't be so
lame if it didn't happen before saving...


Originally posted by: h4x_2x


#2 2006-07-06 02:50:00


Re: Sequencer stuck playing... wtf?

I find if you are in a pattern that is part of a larger group of
selected patterns for "looped play", and the scrolling bar passes
beyond that pattern and begins playing the rest of the song, that
while you are in the pattern edit mode, space bar does not stop the
song easily  SOmetimes it takes holding it, or several tries.

if you are in the pattern mode, exit the pattern mode and try hitting
space bar in the arrangement mode.

If you are alredy in the arrengement mode, hit space bar, hit the stop
button, and if those don't work, yell and scream..

i wonder if there's a "kill" command in P64 like in a lot of sequencers?



Originally posted by: Steve


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