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#1 2013-11-23 21:26:29

Gianas Sister
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NebulaH's Cynthcart MIDI interface

Hmm, this board seems pretty much dead. But for the onces that still visit this forum so now and then, maybe the following can interest you:

At the moment I have some kits for sale that you can build inside your C64. It allows you to use MIDI with Paul Slocum's Cynthcart. I have 9 MIDI interface kits left and I will not reproduce them anymore so first comes, first serves.
The Cynthcart MIDI interface is created by NebulaH ( and I reproduced them to use it for my own. I made some extra to make the life of my fellow C64 fans (probably you) easier. So go ahead, if you want one just go to my webshop:

If you have questions, just ask ofcourse. The kit includes everything you need to make it work. So no BOM's and no PCB etching. The PCB's are double sided so you don't have to make bridges with (coil)wires.


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