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#1 2013-02-23 05:04:29

Space Invader
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Wanted. Save device

Hello all. I've not been to this forum in a long while. Hopefully you've all been doing well and making great tunes. I'm in need of a better save device then the ancient floppy drives I've been using. I'm going to finally be setting my rig up for live use. and need to chuck this floppy drive as soon as possible. I just bought an LCD I'm going to be installing and a save device is pretty much the only other big change I feel I need to make before I can get my live rig up and running properly. I read about firestarters save device a while back but don't feel I have the know how to build one myself. Any chance someone can sell me one? If there are any alternative save devices please shoot me a link or something. By the way, it needs to be an actual save device, not just an interface for a computer. I don't have an intel machine anywhow, so I doubt any c64tpc type cable will be supported on my PowerPC Mac. 

tl:dr I would like to purchase a save device I can use for a live setup without a laptop.

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