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#1 2011-10-23 03:00:45

Bloody beginner
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Jellinghaus Midi Interface

Hello Chipsound Producers

i became a midi Interface from Jellinghouse for my C64 when.
I canīt say something about the Type, it has got Midi In/Out/True thatīs all i know about the Interface.
It comes without a Cardrige . I can Post a Foto if this Information about the Interface is not enought.

My Question, can I use this Interface for my mssiah Cardrige (optional) for Midi In/Out/Thrue or can i use it only with other music Apps like Cubase etc..

Is there any Software for the Interface to use it as an Synthesizer via Midi directly?

Do you recommend some Software for my Interface or do you have a good Idea what i can do with this Interface.

Thankīs for your help.

(Sorry my English is sooo bad)

Greez Chiptuner



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