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#1 2009-03-16 15:34:22

From: the free west
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Best way to implement MIDI Thru?

So, I've seen a few posts on MIDI Thru on this forum and a nicely modded C64 that had it. So the question is, how do I do this with the MSSIAH cartridge in place? I suppose I need a small midi through box outside of the C64 or mess with the cartridge (which I'd rather not do). Anybody have a cheap ready-to-go solution I can use for this purpose? I saw the schematics by Firestarter but to be honest I couldnt make much of that.

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#2 2009-03-16 20:32:06


Re: Best way to implement MIDI Thru?

I got a Yamaha MJC8 midi patch bay cheap, and have been using that to split my MIDI signals between my various pieces of hardware that don't have any MIDI through capabilities.  Works well.


#3 2009-03-29 12:18:06

D Vibe
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From: Sweden
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Re: Best way to implement MIDI Thru?

Sweet.. Would like to put one MJC8 under my TX81Z in its rack..

Need to split my midi cables aswell, have too many devices without thru..

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#4 2009-03-29 23:21:17

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Re: Best way to implement MIDI Thru?

It would be easiest to get a ready made THRU BOX like the one from D-Tronics, un-case it and put in the C64.
In my schematics you need a 74HC14 but also a external power supply ( you could also get it from the cartridge or C64 , if you are little electronic skilled to find out from where to grab it). You can also search for midi thru diy on your favourite search machine and you will for sure find alot schematics for it!

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