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#1 2006-07-06 02:39:24



How do you assign instruments to a channel.. ?

or change instruments.. despite my best efforts.. all 3 of my current sequencer channels are the basic default instrument... i don't like that.


Originally posted by: David Dineen-Porter


#2 2006-07-06 02:40:37


Re: Instruments


Im not sure if this is the only or best way to do it, but you can:

select options_--> then insturments.  The first box labeled insturmnts
is the patch banks for your song, the only below it is presets. Select
a preset and click GET. That patch is now assigned to that instrument.

Go into a sequence and select the insturment from the top of the
screen and draw your note. You can do multiple sounds per channel by
changing the patch bank between note inserts.


Originally posted by: Peter


#3 2006-07-06 02:41:53


Re: Instruments

Ah, there we go.. that's what my problem was. I drew the notes in then
changed the sound, couldn't get my head around why it wasn't having any
effect. It all makes sense now!

Thanks for that.


Originally posted by: Pete


#4 2006-07-06 02:42:50


Re: Instruments

Yes,  In the audio menu there is the option "instruments"

there you can change all the settings to the instruments you want, and then to apply those settings to the current instrument, you double click "get" (why it's "get" i have no idea.. apply or execute or something would make more sense.. or even just "ok") it will ask you "are you sure?!" and you select "yes" then instrument number 1 or whatever has those settings.

trying to figure out now how to do a lot more other stuff... currently my ability to manipulate the instrument tracker thingie on page 2 of the instrument settings is, to put it mildly, less than useless.

there are many little options on all the screens represented by single letters that i have yet to figure out, and an image of a human (a little stick man) which is selectable, but beyond me.

an instruction manual would be nice, but as another user pointed out, a wiki with data on the screens, menues, commands would be great.

pressing buttons on the keyboard has many interested unpredictable effects!


Originally posted by: David Dineen-Porter


#5 2006-07-06 02:43:58


Re: Instruments

Yeah, there are some mysterious things hidden in there... I assume
related to some kind of midi function.  Anyway, here is what I've
figured out:

k = kills screen output during playback
c = cycle, loop mode
y = sync play?

+ = zoom in
- = zoom out
£ = fast forward 1 bar
clr/home = rewind 1 bar

C64 key + click drag = copy

f5 = tool selection pop up

The tools are listed as follows:
Selector, pencil, eraser
glue, scissors

Most functions of those should be obvious, but to make a pattern
longer than 16 beats, you make a new pattern next to one you want to
enlong, then select the gule tool, left shift and click on the one you
want to add.  For some reason this wasn't totally obvious and blew my
mind.  Hopefully it's understandable...

On the edit pattern screen I know the 'I' will go into a step record
type thing with input from the c64 keyboard.
The ones at the bottom are as so:

v = Velocit edit
p = Program Instrument changes
b = bend (on or off)
s = slide (on or off)

I don't think I've found to many other things.  But that instrument
editor... god damn.  Amazing.  And the presets were a nice surprize
too.  A wiki (or a manual ;P ) would be sweet, but it's always cool to
find new things.


Originally posted by: h4x_2x


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