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#1 2008-09-20 22:51:54


8580 Sid chips


At least in the U.S. 8580 Sid chips are getting hard to come by, how about in Germany and around Europe etc?

I would like to build a Sid to Sid with an 8580 but cannot find one here in the United States, getting really rare (8580 Sid chips).

I built a 6581 Sid to sid but it sounds terrible, could this be a bad 6581 sid chip?   

Has anybody there ever bought the CMD Sid Symphony Stereo cartridge?   This cartridge uses the $DE00 or is it $E000 address so would it be compatible with Prophet 64?
Of course the only way I can see to use this is with a Cartridge port expander, but will both Cartridges Co exist together, since the Stereo cartridge only houses an extra Sid chip I wouldnt think it would interfere with Prophet 64 or Mssiah would it?

Also on the Sid to Sid board, the wire for the $DE00 address coming from the board where it attaches to pin 7 of the cartridge port for the $DE00 address, would this be necessary maybe with the Sid Symphony?  I believe the Sid symphony cartridge automatically sets itself up with $DE00 and not sure if the wire is necessary.

I like the Sid symphony because it uses the 8580 Sid chip that sounds better anyway.


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