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#1 2007-02-12 16:45:52


Sequencer in live performance - any tips/tricks/etc?

Anyone here use p64 sequencer as a performance isntrument?  What's your approach to it?  Do you use the mouse, or are there good ways to avoid that without things becoming cumbersome?



#2 2007-02-13 15:49:28

From: Brum, UK
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Re: Sequencer in live performance - any tips/tricks/etc?

Ive not played a gig with it, but I have done some 'live experimentation'. All I can reccomend (baring in mind I've only owned the P64 since Christmas) is to loop a pre-made sequence, having previously opened the instrument editor...

There you can tweak all the instrument voices on the fly (wavetable, filter cutoff, pwm, fm, adsr etc). You can then use a free channel to play live stuff over the top using the keyboard if you so desire (baring in mind that you must select a free channel to play on or you will start cutting out parts of your sequence... I do this by just creating a new empty pattern on osc/voice/channel/whatever #3).

Don't try to use the piano roll, sequencer can only hold tempo if its going between the sequence editor and EITHER the instrument or pattern editors - to try to use all 3 forces p64 to lose sync.

I don't have an external sync (yet) so I just hit the enter key to reset the loop when it goes out of time with everything else (not exactly the most accurate or reliable way of doing things). If youre playing with live instrumentalists thats not so much of a problem, I suppose.

My c64c is not modded at all, I use an amiga mouse and joypad.

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