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#1 2020-05-18 18:14:26

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Keyboard Problems


I have been trying to get my keyboard to work correctly.

When I start up (Mssiah) the crsr key does not work (and perhaps none of the keys) until I move the keyboard. I think it must be where the cables attach to the keyboard rather than the jumper, even though the solder points look good.

Perhaps moving the keyboard may move the jumper a bit - but it doesn't seem to work if I press the jumper, rather than move the keyboard.

Maybe the cables themselves are broken and need replacing completely.

I have taken it apart and cleaned everything and have nothing plugged in the joystick ports.

Here's a video to show you what's happening: … MvnjxH7uTs

If it's just a matter of buying a new keyboard that's cool. But I don't wanna do that if it's something else.

Once in an instrument / programme the same thing happens. I type other keys and nothing - I tilt the keyboard and type and it reacts.




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