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#1 2015-05-19 09:44:58

Anthony W.
Bloody beginner
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C64C in silver finish...


I am new to MSSIAH and saw some youtube videos. I am a Cubase user on PC and in the past I've done many SID tunes on my old grey C64 Breadbox. Unfortunatly it's sold long time ago, so I needed a new C64 for MSSIAH :-) I got a very ugly "yellow" C64C from ebay, I am not a modder but I thought I could give it a new paint and also attached some extras like POT, SD2IEC, SID2SID, LCD screen and switches/buttons to turn all the extras on and off. 2 months I collected all the parts, the mod was done on 3 weekends.. Got through many problems, starting from the C64 was not working at all till frying one of my SIDs by wrong wirering. Yesterday I finished my last problem with SID1 louder then SID2 and the machine was ready... I have no pictures but a youtube video with two of my tunes playing in the background:




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