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#1 2010-09-17 12:06:14

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Greetings_ EU machine

----Transmitted message from

We would like to invite you to experience the “Machine” compilation album of electronic
music. This album is a collaborative effort made by members of, a gear-
orientated online community similar to your community here. We, as a Elektron-gear users,
decided to join forces and pool the community’s creative resources to create something
together. You are all invited to see and hear this spectacle of Electronic music at the address:


Machine - a single word and concept that has guided the imagination of electronic musicians
for decades: one word that has captured the attention of electronic music makers, from the
early pioneers to the electronic luminaries of today. As relevant as ever, we have chosen this
concept to provide a starting point for the Machine compilation album. The compilation seeks to
investigate various aspects of this term, and bring some new interpretations to the table.

If you are broken IDM-tweakhead or interested in Elektron gear or just a general electronic
music fan, you should check the Machine-compilation. There are two versions of the album:

1. With just $5 you can get the whole album consisting 15 tracks, plus a special 19-page artwork
and Machine project guide. The artwork explores the concept and meaning of machine, while
the Machine project guide has ideas on how to build a community driven compilation album. All
proceeds from the album will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund

2. if you want it for free, you can download mini-version of it consisting of 5 tracks.

In addition, a guide to the creation of the machine project can be downloaded via the address below, we hope this will inspire and advise upon other on-line community based compilations. … ;Itemid=30

We would love to hear your comments about the album - even better, we would love to see
you as a community doing something similar. As always, you are also welcome to drop by our
community at

----Transmitted message from

Note: we're currently resolving a paypal issue to allow purchase worldwide... the website is up and the free download is good to go. Check it!  :tu:



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