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#1 2009-05-27 12:31:12

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My rig

For those into their studio porn  big_smile
Visible in this pic (clockwise from bottom left)
C64C - Complete with MSSIAH, of course.  This connects to the PC with a USB video capture device.
Virus Classic - A really, really great synth.
Yamaha RM1X - Good for beats and quickly remixing tunes from MIDI files
Mk149 Keyboard - Had this thing 10 years now, well overdue for replacement
My PC - Fairly low spec P4 running Cubase SX3. 
You can also see my new headphone amp between the two screens, only £20!
Just out of shot on the shelf are my JBL Control 1 monitors cool
The Virus and RM1x are sat on a Sony MD-JE640 Minidisc Deck and Cambridge A3 amp respectively.
You can see the green MAudio Midisport 2x2 behind the C64C.
Underneeth is a JoeMeek VC3Q, a great sounding compressor/preamp.
An MAudio AudioBuddy preamp
Fostex ADAT convertor.  8 analog i/o to ADAT fibre - This connects to my Pulsar II / Scope 4 system.    The Scope system is just amazing, if you can afford one it just makes so much sense: total flexibility and loads of DSP effects/synths with no CPU drain (hence why I was still running a Pentium 3 till about 12 months ago)
My latest edition, the 1541 Ultimate.  I put tube shrink wrap on mine to protect it, seems to work well!

I've got some pics of our old studio somewhere too, including vast guitarage big_smile

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