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#26 2009-01-04 23:54:52


Re: Protect the SID circuits

Found a PDF with some photos and schematics for audio isolation amplifiers.  The photos of the actual boards look pretty simple. … lifier.pdf


#27 2009-01-05 00:05:05


Re: Protect the SID circuits

This thread on has more info on isolation amplifiers, and even explicitly recommends them for avoiding damage to motherboard components when hooking a computer to an audio amplifier or mixer!


#28 2010-09-19 00:59:05

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Re: Protect the SID circuits

First try with my C64 (8580) and MSSIAH cartridge and I burnt the SID ! :-(
I don't remember which device I turned off first (mixer or C64) but this really is bad luck...
I ordered a ground loop right away on ebay so as not to lose any of my other SIDs. Hope it'll work.



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