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#1 2016-03-31 18:16:00

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MSSIAH won't boot on c64c - but will with a breadbin.

So I have been collecting bits n pieces to mod a C64c.

I've so far installed the jiffydos rom, the SD2IEC which both work perfectly.

I just received my MSSIAH cart and....  blue basic screen.. no interface.

Tested it with the same PSU in a Breadbin, which worked perfectly.

I ran through checking all the pins on the cart port - both for oxidization and mechanical connectivity by adjusting the pins. Still getting that blue screen. The port is firmly soldered to the motherboard after checking it with a multi-meter too. There are no short circuited pins - tops and bottoms are separate - except the first and last pins which both are on the same circuit (this seems normal both being GND)

Any other suggestions why this may not be working or what else I can check? At this point I'm looking at finding another C64c which will work with the MSSIAH.

(yes, other c64 game carts work - but according to the docs that's no indication that the mssiah will).

Much Appreciated!

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