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#1 2012-12-01 15:48:30

Gianas Sister
Registered: 2012-09-04
Posts: 26

The 1541-III sd card load probem

I recently brought a The 1541-III from ebay ( … TQ:GB:1123)
When I received the 1541-III, then I found a old sd card:  (256 mb, format: FAT)

I placed some random games from on the sd-card and putted the card into the sd card reader and noted that the 1541-III’s red diode was glowing, so I’m sure that I have installed the wires correct.
When I wanted to load the sd-card in C64 in the blue screen then I get this:

After that I wrote to seller and told same as I have told here and seller recommended me to try another SD-card. So I ordred a sd-card from  Conradelektronik (Link).

I have now received the card from Conradelektronik:

Therefore, I putted it into the sd card reader: (It’s not easy to se, but note the red diode is glowing)

After I wanted to load up the sd card:
-    It was somehow stuck with this screen.

I also tried putted 2 random games on the sd card and try loading the sd card – same result
-    Is 2 GB too much for the machine, because the c64 itself didn’t have that much space? Do I have to make the card smaller (reduction) somehow?
-    I tried formatting my sd-card to different formats, than fat (standard) and tried load it up.
o    ExFat 16 kilobyte: Same error as the old card
o    ExFat 16384 kilobyte: Same error as the old card
o    Fat32: Same error as the old card
o    It said in the guide I got with the 1541-III, that the sd-card has to be formatted as FAT16, but in windows 7 you can only choose between FAT kilobyte 32 and FAT kilobyte 64 as standard.



#2 2012-12-02 17:23:46

Bomb Jack
Registered: 2012-11-03
Posts: 33

Re: The 1541-III sd card load probem

Yes, it must be FAT16, with default allocation size of 16kB. Perhaps the smaller card gets smaller allocation size and therefore isn't working?
This is the original authors site: … 41-III.htm
I have the cloned one made by this guy
My 1GB SD-card is working fine, and it is formatted to FAT16. (Windows says only FAT)
Only media that is under 2GB can be formatted to FAT16. Even in win7.
If it is really small, like 16MB, then it cannot be formatted with other than FAT12, in windows.
There are third party software that can handle this. Like swiss knife.
The under-2GB-limit is probably due to incompatibility with older OS's like Win ME.
The technical limit for FAT16 is 4GB though. I don't know how the 1541-III firmware handles that.
The limit for the C64 is not the size on the media itself, it's in the OS. The maximum number of files in one directory is 144.

No, wait. My 1GB card is MMC. But they are compatible to SD. But not the other way around. smile

Maybe this will work
I must try it myself some day...

Nope. Can't format a 16MB SD-card to FAT16 AND have windows recognizing it. Too few clusters. Neither the 1541-III can read it.

At least on my 1541-III-DTV I sometimes have to reset it after the C64 is up and running. If I don't it is just stuck on "LOADING" until I hit run/stop-restore.

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#3 2012-12-07 21:04:24

Gianas Sister
Registered: 2012-09-04
Posts: 26

Re: The 1541-III sd card load probem

I have experience something very strange today.
I got another SD card today to try out - a sd card called “PQI” with 256 mb. The first I did was putting it into my pc to check the format and the funny here. I can actually format it to FAT16 with this card in Windows 7 – so there are differences on the sd cards under 2 gb.

Here is the funny part – I tried loading up the card and I got this:

But then it was stuck here! So I decided to restart the machine and then I was back to the former problem with even loading the sd card:

I decided to pull off the power and open the C64C, I took a dry cotton swab and slowly tried to see if there was any dust on the cassette port which maybe could make some problems and nope this didn’t help.

So I tried over again and got back to picture 1 problem.
It somehow frustrate me, because it can be 2 things – my C64 or the sd card reader unit hmm



#4 2012-12-08 10:27:39

Gianas Sister
Registered: 2012-09-04
Posts: 26

Re: The 1541-III sd card load probem

I woke up yesterday with some ideas, which actually gives a new view on the problem.

The plan with this sd card reader was using it with Mssiah for making music, so I can save my preset on sd carts. So this feature is very important for me.  Mssiah is on a cart and Mssiah boots up automatic, when its sitting in the expansion port. So I tried opening a program in messiah (sequencer) and tried to save something random, just to see how the sd-card read would response and I got this:

and in another program on Mssiah it said:

Here it was frozen, so I had no choice but making a “soft reset”, I did and came to the blue screen where you can load games. So I just tried loading the sd card as I normally would do and here I came to the problem where it was stuck with just loading card.

After that I turned off C64C and tried taking out the Mssiah cart from the “expansion port” and make C64C boot up normally (Before when it booted Mssiah from start I made “soft reset” to come to the screen, where you can load a games)
Here comes the funny part, to my surprise it actually worked with loading a game (brilliant!)and I actually running a game, so I wanted to try load up something else, so I did a fast “soft reset” and here I came to the first problem with a s stuck  loading screen.

-    The machine needs to be “hard reset” where you turn off the power and then load a game a “soft reset” does not .

My question:
Is there anything else I can do now?  I could maybe make a .d64 file of the Mssiah and then boot it up, but this would take away the midi part feature that the Mssiah cart gives me, because it has a “midi interface” on the cart.

External info:
Soft reset if when you combine 2 points at the “user port” and this makes the machine soft reset.



#5 2012-12-08 14:41:20

Bomb Jack
Registered: 2012-11-03
Posts: 33

Re: The 1541-III sd card load probem

I have an IEC reset button on my C64. Just short the GND and RESET line at the back of the DIN jack. This resets normal IEC devices like the 1541 and one doesn't need to power-cycle the drive when having a load error. It just spins the motor shortly and stops blinking. However I don't know if the 1541-III can be reset like this...

Oh, and if you can't find 1GB SD-cards, try finding MMC-cards. Maybe you have better luck with those.
And according to this schematic, the 1541-III does reset when doing an IEC reset: … I_v1.0.pdf

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#6 2014-02-02 02:39:51

From: United Kingdom (London)
Registered: 2006-08-03
Posts: 158

Re: The 1541-III sd card load probem

did you get this to work? i need something that allows you to save monosynth patterns as my sd2iec does not :-(

don't want to have to buy an actual 1541....  <-- arcade :-)



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