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#1 2011-12-27 18:56:36

Bloody beginner
Registered: 2011-12-27
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C64C - DualSID?? Issue

Hi all,

Wifey bought me the Mssiah for Christmas but it doesn't work in my C64c, I just get a black screen.

So firstly, I should mention that I use the cartridge port heavily for EasyFlash, 1541U-II & C64-NIC, sometimes even multiple carts via an Xpander-3. 

The machine also has a working DualSid installed .  Both SIDS are currently set at the default $d400 to get dual sound (8580 & 6581) from games/demos.  Of course now I have Mssiah I can start using the the different address lines to get the extra 3 channels.

I am suspecting this could be DualSID related.  I have tried the cart directly in the cartridge port and also on 3 slots of my xpander all with the same results.  I have tried the cart in another c64c, C64 (bullnose) and an SX64 and it works fine on all 3, none of which have Dual SID installed.

I cant see why the Mssiah would treat DualSID any differently to the SID2SID board, perhaps it does?  I know a few members here have discussed the DualSID board in the past, does anyone know if it is compatible with Mssiah?




#2 2012-01-24 21:34:16

Bloody beginner
Registered: 2012-01-02
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Re: C64C - DualSID?? Issue

I have had a number of intermittent faults like this, including a totally blank screen and or garbage on the screen, freezing etc.  You will probably find a few similar threads on this forum.  In my experience I have found that although it can be many things.  It's best to try with the simplest first.  I had a blank screen and thought I had broken my C64C with my Sid2Sid installation, my next thought was an iffy PLA chip. However after changing this for another PLA chip from another working C64C. I still got an occasional blank screen on startup.  It turned out I think to be oxidised cartridge terminals.  On my C64C anyway the MSSIAH cartridge is quite a firm fit.  You need to make sure that it is pushed into place firmly and not at an angle.   If you are unsure do this several times with either the MSSIAH or another game cart.  This will not only loosen the dirt on the cartridge slot but actually clean the contacts a little as you wiggle the cart free each time.  I now have no problems with my MSSIAH cart, the blank screen problem went away after doing this.



#3 2012-01-25 10:48:04

The Last Ninja
From: England
Registered: 2008-08-14
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Re: C64C - DualSID?? Issue

Good advice there from BlackBeltJones.

I'm inclined to think your problem lies not with the DualSID. You should still be able to start MSSIAH even if it's bad.

I've seen faulty C64s that will play some carts but not others. Some will work if the Commie isn't quite firing on all cylinders, others won't, and MSSIAH usually shows up any problem.

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