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#1 2010-12-26 17:58:29

Bloody beginner
Registered: 2010-12-26
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8580 r5 and 6581 r4 for sale


I have a few 8580 r5 and 6581 r4 and r3 for sale, the r3 and r4 are tested pulls, but the 8580r5 are new original stock that were purchased from midibox forums. Email: for more info. I would like at least $30.00 ea. for the 8580 and probably $20 - 25 for the 6581's. Shipping withing USA is $5.00, international is $13.00



#2 2011-01-23 10:03:14

Bloody beginner
From: Moscow, Russia
Registered: 2010-08-30
Posts: 6

Re: 8580 r5 and 6581 r4 for sale

Where is assembled? Korea/Hong-Kong/Taiwan/Phillipines?



#3 2011-03-06 19:58:27

Bloody beginner
Registered: 2011-03-06
Posts: 1

Re: 8580 r5 and 6581 r4 for sale

I'd be interested in a 8580 r5 for 43 USD shipped to the UK. Are they still for sale?



#4 2012-02-22 22:35:42

Registered: 2012-02-20
Posts: 17

Re: 8580 r5 and 6581 r4 for sale

I just bought a 6581R4AR for around $4 in local currency... smile
The guy who sold me my C64G as well (here in Middle Europe they aren't rare at all, more like all over the place) was kind enough to open a shitload of c64s for me to look at the SID version. The one I found the chip in was a gray breadbox with black keys, but with a sticker saying "C64C".
It looked suspicious enough to check, and lo and behold...

I'm ordering my DualSID board as of now. big_smile



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