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#1 2010-09-25 14:24:23

Bloody beginner
Registered: 2009-09-17
Posts: 3

external cynthcart controller

Hello everybody

i realy don't know if i am in the wrong form but i am looking for someone who can build an external cynthcart controller for me.
I tryed and tryed but i am a real noob when it commes to these things.. I am just a musian loving the cynthcart!

so can someone help me build this, and ship it to me !
I will be more than happy to pay for it!

gr pieter



#2 2010-09-28 04:42:19

The Last Ninja
From: England
Registered: 2008-08-14
Posts: 280

Re: external cynthcart controller

The Cynthcart controller is the same as a MSSIAH controller, except that only the first joystick port is used with Cynthcart.

Have a look at this section for more info:

I recommend 100K pots and 4700pF caps. Also have a look at this page for a circuit diagram:

I would build you one, but it's not possible for the foreseeable future due to commitments.

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