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#1 2010-04-17 17:38:41

Bloody beginner
Registered: 2009-10-22
Posts: 4

Commodore64c by 1.6.4

hello my commodore. it's a C64C and a Sony DVD screan , from a old school DVD reader. I don't use the knob, juste i use my commodore for create sounds and play in midi in the sequendeur mode. the SID is a 8580R5. I use a SEGA geness pad same as a mouse, it's  very good. And it's a poket 1541, for saving in SD card. (sorry for my english I'm french people).

and the TR564 a tr505 in a commodore box!!!!



#2 2010-04-18 02:09:33

The Last Ninja
From: West London
Registered: 2009-04-12
Posts: 258

Re: Commodore64c by 1.6.4

very cool



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