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#1 2009-05-27 12:31:12

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My rig

For those into their studio porn  big_smile
Visible in this pic (clockwise from bottom left)
C64C - Complete with MSSIAH, of course.  This connects to the PC with a USB video capture device.
Virus Classic - A really, really great synth.
Yamaha RM1X - Good for beats and quickly remixing tunes from MIDI files
Mk149 Keyboard - Had this thing 10 years now, well overdue for replacement
My PC - Fairly low spec P4 running Cubase SX3. 
You can also see my new headphone amp between the two screens, only 20!
Just out of shot on the shelf are my JBL Control 1 monitors cool
The Virus and RM1x are sat on a Sony MD-JE640 Minidisc Deck and Cambridge A3 amp respectively.
You can see the green MAudio Midisport 2x2 behind the C64C.
Underneeth is a JoeMeek VC3Q, a great sounding compressor/preamp.
An MAudio AudioBuddy preamp
Fostex ADAT convertor.  8 analog i/o to ADAT fibre - This connects to my Pulsar II / Scope 4 system.    The Scope system is just amazing, if you can afford one it just makes so much sense: total flexibility and loads of DSP effects/synths with no CPU drain (hence why I was still running a Pentium 3 till about 12 months ago)
My latest edition, the 1541 Ultimate.  I put tube shrink wrap on mine to protect it, seems to work well!

I've got some pics of our old studio somewhere too, including vast guitarage big_smile

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